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Mosquito Barrier Services

Protect Your Yard 

Our spray treatments will eliminate your mosquitoes and other unwanted insects on your property…and keep them away all summer long!

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Protect Your Health 

Mosquitoes can be more than an annoyance. They can also be a health concern if they carry diseases that affect both humans and pets. We can help you avoid these risks.

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Stay Outdoors   

We tailor our approach to ensure your family, friends and pets can enjoy the outdoors comfortably all summer long. 

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Mosquito Maximus

Get The Most Out Of Your Summer
Don’t Let Mosquitoes Suck the Fun Out of Your Outdoor Activities.

You have probably heard the one about our ‘State Bird’ being the mosquito. Well, there is a reason this joke rings true… Wisconsin is blessed with an environment that is beautiful and fun, but it is also ideal for pests that can ruin an evening around the campfire, on the patio, or simply under the stars. 

We Specialize in Lake Homes and Cabins.
Enjoy your cabin life….forget the bugs.