A note from the owner:

We love the outdoors.

We hate mosquitoes.

Mosquito Maximus, LLC was created out of a love of the outdoors and to help others to enjoy the best months that Northwest Wisconsin has to offer. Unfortunately, pests can be a major deterrent in the Northwoods and the mosquitoes and gnats can make it impossible to enjoy some of the best days of summer.

Angie and I grew up in farming families and ones that instilled in us many outdoor interests and hobbies. Our families have lived in Barron County for our entire lives and we have a deep passion for nature. From spending time on the lake and camping to hiking and gardening, most days we cannot get enough. We have lived on Upper Turtle Lake in Barron County since 1995 and the pests have driven us inside many nights.

After our first application from Mosquito Maximus in 2022, we were amazed by the results. We were able to enjoy our property with few pests gnawing at our face, arms and ankles.  We were able to go in and out of our front door without infesting our home with bugs and gnats.

With our recent acquisition of Mosquito Maximus, we have every intention to ensure that your past services with the company do not miss a beat! Contact us today about how we can help to control your mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and other insects. Then all you have to do is “MAXIMIZE your summer fun!”

Joe & Angie Leschisin