Barrier Mosquito Control Services

Treatment area includes outside of home, outbuildings, landscaping, and the perimeter of yard.

There are two primary strategies used in our insect control program:

  1. A synthetic barrier spray that kills mosquitoes, spiders, asian beetles, and other unwanted insects on contact and leaves an odorless ‘barrier’ keeping them out of your yard for approximately 2 months.
  2. We also offer all-natural/organic compounds that are very effective, but require more frequent applications.  These options are used around our lake shores, flower beds, and other locations where we want to preserve our ‘friendly’ insects such as honey bees.

Special Events

Have a wedding coming up this summer? A graduation party? How about a family reunion? Mosquito Maximus can provide an effective approach to keep the party going into the evening. We can spray your site prior to your event so your guests will forget about pesky insects.

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Commercial Settings

If you own a business that offers an outdoor setting, nothing runs away customers faster than an influx of hungry mosquitoes. We offer a convenient and reliable way to keep the bugs at bay….and your customers in your place of business. We can also offer mosquito spray services in areas where you keep animals such as horses.

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We Specialize In Lake Homes and Cabins

When you ‘get away’ to your cabin or lake home, time is precious. Not only do mosquitoes cause a nuisance and health risk, but they take time and enjoyment away from doing the things you love. Our licensed and professional applicators will make sure your ‘special place’ is ready when you arrive so that you and your family can fully enjoy your cabin life…and forget about bugs.

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We are confident you will be pleased with our service.