Are your treatments safe for my children and pets?

After the synthetic(long-lasting) spray has been applied and it dries, then children and pets can return to the yard safely and comfortably. It usually takes less than an hour for the spray to dry. Our product is registered with the EPA and approved for outside pest control, inside pest control, and even food handling areas.  It has also been used frequently in parks and in recreational areas.

Our all-natural/organic spray is very safe, but we still recommend keeping people and pets off of the spray area until it has dried.

How does your treatment work?

Our synthetic spray(a pyrethroid…which is derived from a naturally occurring compound found in the chrysanthemum flower) is applied to your home, outbuildings, bushes, lower branches of trees, high weeds, and anywhere else mosquitoes rest or seek shelter. The spray kills the insects on touch, but it also leaves a clear, odorless residue on plants and materials. This residue continues to kill insects for approximately two months or more.


One of our all-natural sprays kills bugs on contact and then works as a repellent.  Another all-natural option kills on contact and then leaves a residual killing effect for up to 3 or 4 weeks.

Are the products affected by rain?

The effect of both sprays will eventually wear off. While a normal rain will not wash off the residue or eliminate the barrier effect immediately, weather can have an impact. Thus, the more frequent and more serious the rainfall, the quicker the residue wears off. You may find that more frequent applications are needed during periods of heavy rain(eg. early spring). We are confident that our products work(2 weeks minimum with all-natural; 1 month minimum with long-acting synthetic) and will often times exceed your expectations.

How do you apply your products near lake shores and water?

We take our natural environment very seriously and will do whatever we can to protect it. Our long-acting synthetic spray, a pyrethroid, can have a negative effect on fish if it enters the water. Therefore, we will only apply our all-natural products near lakes and streams. Some customers may desire the synthetic product near their homes and through most of their yard, but we will still apply the all-natural/organic spray near water. This combination approach will adequately protect you from mosquitoes. Our products are very stable in soil and will disintegrate quickly there….and they will stay on the plants where they have dried until disintegrated.

Do your products work on wasps and ticks?

Our synthetic spray does effectively kill wasps and ticks. In fact, it kills many other insects, including many species of ants, spiders, asian beetles, box elder bugs, and bees. Therefore, should you have flowerbeds and want to protect the pollinating insects, we would recommend using one of our all-natural/organic sprays in that area.  We also have an all-natural/organic spray option that can kill wasps.

How much does it cost?

Each property is unique and we tailor the approach to meet your needs. The price is generally based upon the size of the area to be treated and the level of shrubbery, trees, high grass, and mosquito breeding areas. Please contact us for a free quote and many times we do not even need to visit the site if we can look it up using a computer program that enables us to ‘see’ your property.

Do I have to be home to have the treatment?

No. As long as we have access to your yard, understand your treatment needs, and have pets put away, we can treat your yard. This works out great for cabin owners. When you arrive for weekend of relaxation, your yard is already mosquito-free.

Will your treatment kill all mosquitoes?

No treatment will kill all of your pesky insects. Mosquitoes may stray into your protected area or be carried there by the wind, but generally they will be few and far between. And when they land to rest, the residual affect will either kill them or repel them out of the area.

Will the treatments affect my neighbor’s yard?

Our applicators are licensed and trained to be very specific in their spraying. We will work very hard to ensure your yard is covered and your neighbor is left undisturbed. Of course, it would be beneficial for your neighbors to be treated to help prevent mosquitoes from being blown from their yard to yours.